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Loan Types

We offer both commercial and residential loans. See how it works!

Bellavista has a loan program that is right for you. We are ready to help you get your loans closed in as little as 5 days. With significant capital and our superior customer service, Bellavista has programs tailored to both commercial and residential loans. Brokers welcome always!

Buy & Hold

Our Buy & Hold loan program is perfect for properties to be held as rentals or for longer terms.  Bellavista provides hard money loans to investors looking to hold a property for an unknown amount of time. The Buy and Hold Program is great for investors who are purchasing or refinancing properties to be held as rentals.

Cash-Out Refinance

Our Cash out and refinance loan program is perfect for those individuals or businesses with significant equity in their properties and need cash to fund repairs, business expenses, purchasing other properties, paying bills and more.  Bellavista provides hard money loans to investors looking to cash out their equity quickly.

Fix & Flip

We provide hard money fix and flip loans for investors purchasing residential properties. The Fix and Flip Program is great for Investors who are purchasing, rehabbing, and then selling properties.

Multi-Family Loans

Bellavista provides Multi-Family Private Money Loan Programs when you’re looking for a better investment beyond single-family homes. Multi-family real estate properties are buildings that consist of two or more separate units. Unlike other lenders, Bellavista will fund your multi-family project regardless of the number of units. Multi-family properties are some of the most popular investments among real estate investors and Bellavista is here to help!

Bridge Funding

Our bridge loan program is perfect for those individuals or businesses in need of a temporary source of funding until a traditional source can be secured. A bridge loan provides real estate investors and operators the capital and time needed to get from the present time to profitability. Bellavista provides hard money loans to investors looking to cash out their equity quickly.


Bellavista can quickly and simply fund any stage of your construction project. We provide new construction loans for residential or commercial properties. Hard money loans are great for investors or builders who are purchasing a lot or tearing down an existing home for new construction.

Note Purchasing

Bellavista works closely with other private lenders in need of seeking liquidity. Our note purchasing program is a great resource for those seeking the acquisition of both performing and non-performing mortgage loans.

Transactional Funding

Bellavista offers transactional funding for wholesales or proof of deposits and more.  We charge competitive rates and can close quickly on a double escrow loan.

Secure Business Advances

Through its Secured Business Advance, Bellavista offers a quick and simple way for business owners to use the value that they have in their home or investment property to receive funding for their business. We can provide funding from $20,000 to $500,000 within 5 business days. your approval amount will be based primarily on a risk assessment of your business and based on the average monthly and annual revenue that you deposit into your business bank account.

Cannabis Grow Funding

As laws continue to evolve in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries; we at Bellavista, understand the capital needs of this rapidly changing business environment. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, where we know that each business is unique to itself. Bellavista is fully capable of crafting specific financial and capital solutions for the cannabis industry.

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