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Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

Designed for investors with derogatory credit issues with high equity seeking quick and easy qualification.  Also ideal for Investors seeking a fast closing for a purchase or to cash-out quickly (3-7 days).  Terms are typically more costly than other loan options. Nevertheless, the savvy investor realizes that in some situations, the cost of not funding the project quickly is far greater than the alternative.

Key Features

  • No seasoning of ownership required.

  • Foreclosure Bailouts

  • Derogatory mortgage history is OK.

  • Available as a 1-3 year interest only  or 30-year-fixed loan, each amortized over 30 years.

  • Funds borrowers with a recent bankruptcy or notice of default.

  • No Source of Funds needed

  • Loan-to-Value up to 70%  ​

Property Types

  • Investor 1-4 (SFR, Condo, and 2-4 Units)

  • Multi-Family (5+ Units)

  • Mixed-Use

  • Commercial (Office, Retail, Warehouse)

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