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Our goal is to remove financial barriers that might be preventing you from investing in commercial Real Estate.  We’ll help you manage the overwhelming process with flexible, private money loans for real estate asset acquisition and expansions.  Furthermore, When you need reliable, transparent, real estate investment loans, reach out to the trusted experts at Bellavista FS.   


 At Bellavista FS, not only can we fund your loan with our own private capital, but we also have access to multiple Institutional capital partners to fund projects up to 20 Million.  That allows our borrowers to have access to hundreds of loan options and lending programs available tailored to our borrowers needs. Our greater satisfaction comes from providing you the funds in a timely matter and also to make the overall loan process simpler and with the best terms available. 



Bellavista was founded in response to frustrations felt by Investors towards the Banks lack of interest in providing funding for hard to qualify investors.

So Bellavista FS was created as the solution, placing investors first and provide them with faster and easier access to capital so they can easily fund their projects and concentrate on growth.


At Bellavista FS, with total combined experience of over 50 years in real estate financing, our knowledge allows us to underwrite and formulate the most efficient lending instruments and private capital solutions for our clients. We also truly understand the importance of your investments, so when real estate investors or mortgage brokers contact Bellavista FS, they are guaranteed to be assisted with a loan expert of minimal 5 years lending experience. From the initial application process and all the way to the closing.


Engels Hoepelman


"We provide Real Estate Investors the flexibility they need to empower them to invest the right way and focus on their growth"


Mr. Hoepelman has a MBA in Finance from Florida International University.  He has dedicated his entire career in Real Estate and Finance. With over 25 years in Mortgage Origination, trading and management of Mortgage-backed Securities, wholesale and retail Private Lending.  He also understands the needs of today's Real estate Investors since he has bought and flipped over 150 properties throughout his career.  At Bellavista Financial, Engels Hoepelman focuses on the placement of  loan originations to Institutional and private lenders, Financing, and maintaining strategic partnerships of the firm. 

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